If you build it, you own it, big data ed.:

“We got some value out of that but to be honest we found it hard to keep on top of, just hard to build skills at the pace required to integrate new technologies,” Knott says.

“No matter how hard we ran there is always something new coming in that we wanted to get access to, but we couldn’t get there quite fast enough to have really finished deploying what we were deploying previously.

“So it was hard to manage, hard to keep on top of, and also hard to scale. We had reasonable success but we were having these challenges.”

After moving to a vendor/cloud stack:

“So as one of the people I work with has put it: ‘you don’t have to learn how to build machine learning from the ground up’, you now have to learn how to use machine learning - there is still learning to do, but that is a much more doable proposition.”

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